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How to Clean Air Vents
Most ventilation systems in today‘s home will have air ducts and air vents. You can usually find air vents on the ceilings of houses, on the floor of numerous houses, on wooden platforms, and also in mobile homes. In general, it is essential to keep any vent clean and totally free from dirt, as it comes in contact with the air you breathe. Breathing in dust is unhealthy and can really make you and your family sick. Here are easy actions on how you can maintain your home vents clean.

The first step is to use a broom to eliminate dust from the air vents. The broom can also be used for areas with higher air vents, even though you have to be conscious of the dust that falls. You may use a mop to substitute for the broom to clean high ceiling vents, but make sure that it is damp sufficient in order to stop the dust from falling. The wet surface of the mop allows for simple grab onto the dust.

Then, unscrew the air vent cover slowly becoming careful of the screws to avoid them falling down the duct. You might get a wet rag and use it to wipe the inside region of the vent. If you have a vacuum cleaner, this can also be utilized inside the vent. However, it is not advisable to go up too high because you might lose some component of the vacuum cleaner.

You may now clean the air vent cover. If the dust is as well thick, the cover of your air vents can be cleaned by washing it. Let it dry, and then you are ready to screw it back on. It is also essential to change the air filter once every three months, regardless of how powerful the filter is or how expensive it may be.

Don‘t forget to clean the other air ventilation filters in the house. Usually, the bathroom will have a ventilation fan that may or may not require upkeep. Also check for ventilation in the kitchen. Some kitchens will have ductless range hoods that require the filters to be replace periodically.

The final factor you need to do is to maintain the vents totally free from clutter. Avoid piling up boxes close to air vents or placing furnishings directly more than vents because it can block the air and will make the units work twice as hard.
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